A dream come true! Alhmdlh :D

It has taken 9 months for us to turn the fishing pond area into a functioning and fun #TudorPond area for families/guests to enjoy. The 6 accommodation units were rebuilt after blunders were made by the previous contractor; the old store was turned into Pond Hall for cooking/gathering; placed new earth wires for #TudorBungalow and Tudor Pond; built zinc fences all around the vicinity and added electrical/barbed wires to keep away monkeys, wild boars and lizards; fishing pond rejuvenated with live fishes supported by new river pipes; and today, the use of a brand new huge swimming #pool!! It has been a personal dream of mine to have a swimming pool for the our kids, who love the water. The pool is sourced from the mountain waters, away from any settlements, which is kept safe from any pollution. We hope we have made our late father proud for utilising every inch of the property :)