Badminton court

Kids swimming pool


Having fun at our Chemperoh River located at the entrance of the Resort

Outdoor bathrooms

Tent hire with bedding

Indoor meeting facilities

Jungle trekking

Outdoor hall: for meeting/activity/dining

BBQ pits/dinner


BBQ pits

Grand Outdoor Hall for activities/dining


Telematch games in tennis court area

Refreshing Air Terjun Ulu Tampit – 1 hour trek

Fishing with own or rented rods

Small Waterfalls at Chemperoh River – 35 mins walk away

Telmatch in the Tennis Court

Corporate event

Wedding event

Karaoke session in Tudor Bungalow

Indoor presentations in Tudor Bungalow

Fishing hut overlooking the two fishing ponds

Kid friendly games

Picnic time at the tennis court

Soaking in the nearby river

Sungai Chemperoh

Badminton court

Our private orchard

Ping-pong table can be rented at Open Pond Hall

Family fun day

Dipping in Chemperuh River - located at front of resort

All dressed up for a wedding!