Terms and Conditions

terms & conditions



1. To avoid any mis-communication, we are permitted to deal with only one (1) main organiser. Standard check in time is 3.00 pm and check out time is 12.00 pm (unless there is a DAY EVENT, check-in will be at 6.00 pm and check-out at 4.00 pm). The organiser will be required to arrive first in order to inspect booked premises and a "hand-over" will be made by the caretaker, before checking-in. All room keys are to be handed over by the organiser to the caretaker before checking-out. Extension of hours is chargeable at RM150 p/excl zone/hour.
1a.   Please bring own towels, game supplies, first-aid kits, anti-mosquito sprays/creams and swimming floats. Kids below 15 yrs old MUST wear own swimming floats. Kids are NOT to soil pool water and NO diving in pools. Kids are NOT to be left unattended at all times.
1b.   BOMBA rules do not permit anyone sleeping in TUDOR BUNGALOW's lounge area due to the presence of gas tanks in the kitchen. Please do not stick any materials on building interior/exterior walls and doors as these may spoil surfaces.
1c.    Please switch off lights when not in use, as these may cause electrical trips.
1d.    Please do not leave charging hps or power chargers unattended.
1e.    Tennis and badminton courts are for DAY USE only based on irregularity of TNB supply which can cause blackouts.
1f.    Not to dip in the river when it’s about to rain in case of flash floods.
1g.    There are three (3) separate Exclusive Zones: TUDOR BUNGALOW, DORM and TUDOR POND. Please respect each other's privacy. Intrusion of other Exc Zones will be charged a penalty of min RM50.

2.   You should familiarize yourself with the evacuation routes. If an evacuation order is issued, or if it were necessary to evacuate due to an emergency, fully cooperate with Safety and Security/emergency personnel.

Le' Manah Retreat Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

3.     For non-Muslims, only Halal food  is permitted within the premises or compounds of the resort. For non-Muslims, please allow the caretaker to verify all food items before use. Your cooperation is appreciated.
3a. If cooking own food, please bring own cooking utensils. Charcoal supplies can be bought from us. For Tudor Pond Zone and Dorm, also bring own eating utensils and portable cookers. If food is catered from outside, please ensure all food garbage is collected by the caterer. Durian skins are to be disposed by yourselves. Disposal fees will be charged if these are not adhered to.

4.     River banks are public areas and those specified items are NOT to be thrown indiscriminately and everyone is responsible for keeping all areas clean. Please help us in keeping our natural environment clean by leaving behind only your footprints and nothing else.
4a. Please support our GREEN Campaign: day use of air conditioners from 8 am to 8 pm or more than 12 hours p/day, will be chargeable at RM100 p/unit/day.

5.     For non-Muslims, group praying sessions are only allowed in the outdoor halls.  Please respect the wishes of the resort's family owners.

6.     For guests in general, kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies, beddings, equipment or other items belonging to the resort, are to be used and NOT to be taken away or abused. Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.
6a.  To prevent points (3) and (5) above, a refundable reserve is required in case items are to be repaired or replaced. This reserve will also be used against any additional charges incurred during your stay. This reserve will be refunded (net of any credit card fees) within one (1) working week after check-out, based on caretaker’s confirmation. A notification will be emailed over for bank details and claims will only remain valid for 30 days after check-in date.

7.     A surcharge fee of RM15 p/pax is chargeable for extra pax from max capacity or RM30 p/pax found on site from agreed total in booking form.

8.     Once payment is made on food orders, total pax cannot be reduced.

9.     All optional activities are subject to external coordinator's availability. Advance booking is highly advisable. In case of a cancellation, deposits for any activity will not be refunded by the external coordinator. However, booking dates can be changed.

10.  Bookings are only accepted upon receipt of a 50% booking deposit or full payment on a "first come, first serve" basis. Please check with us on availability of dates before any deposit is paid. 

11.  LMR's booking deposit (except for activities) is refunded only if a notice of cancellation is received by us not later than one (1) month before check-in date.

12.  Remaining balance should be received by us not later than by one (1) month before check-in date. Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.

13.  No refunds on cancellations made less than 30 days before check-in date. However, a new booking date can be made. Quotation is subject to change.

14.  Please be advised that getting the caretaker's hp/contact number is against our company's policy. Please report to us if any hp no. is being offered. Due to the severity of the matter, if anyone is found dealing directly with the caretaker which involves money eg. food orders, optional items and/or future bookings without LMR's knowledge, guests will be blacklisted and not be allowed to stay at our resort in the future. Once checked-in,  all matters (NOT involving money) will be handed over to the caretaker and notify him on any shortcomings, so we can attend to these immediately. We will be unable to attend to any complaints made after checking-out. Your group's cooperation and understanding in these matters are highly appreciated.